Our reactive target line allows for more accuracy while shooting, by eliminating the glare and creating a splatter effect when fractured.

About Us

HD Targets offer exclusive features in a patent-pending design for its reactive targets. The anti-glare coating eliminates glares from the sun and bright indoor range lighting. A muted background color is overprinted on top of a highly visible, fluorescent yellow base material, which helps reduce eye fatigue. This yellow base material is dyed all the way through so when the target is shot, the yellow doesn’t give way to a lower visibility color underneath (white), making the burst more visible than other reactive targets on the market. The entire reactive target line is also self-adhesive and can be peeled off and attached to cardboard, paper, and even wood.

The reactive target line from HD Targets has grown in popularity because it enables marksmen to clearly see their target without any distracting glare and reveals evident ‘bursts’ when shot.

HD Targets will continue to expand its line of reactive targets, which combine an unparalleled design with exceptional quality.